A sixteenth century shopping trip – Prior More in London 1526

Prior William More was prior of Worcester from 1518-1536. He left us his wonderful journal which was transcribed and edited by Ethel S Fagan M.A. (librarian of the Ladies College, Cheltenham) and published by Worcestershire Historical Society in 1914.

Crowle Manor House

A watercolour of Crowle Manor where Prior William More used to live. Image reproduced by permission of the Dean and Chapter of Worcester Cathedral (U.K.)


Folio 94 of his journal tells us that Prior More spent about thirteen weeks in London from late October 1526,  summoned there, it is thought, by Cardinal Wolsey who on November 3rd 1526 issued his injunction at Westminster. Like many of us Prior More did some shopping while he was in London and he records what he bought and the cost, when he returns to Worcester at the end of January 1527 .

Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas manuscript in Worcester Cathedral Library. Image reproduced by permission of the Dean and Chapter of Worcester Cathedral (U.K.)




.Things bought at London

Item for a pair of carving knives                                                      7s 0d

Item for a pair of brass candlesticks to our lady’s altar

in Grimley church.                                                                          2s 4d

Item eight candle sticks for tallow candles.


Item for a little book of St Benedict’s rule                                         6d

(This is probably a copy of the translation by Bishop Fox

of Winchester, printed in 1516)

Item two books of the seven sacraments                                          18d

Item a little book of predictions (by Thomas Aquinas)                   10d

Item for a book Peter of Anckorano super sexto

(This is a commentary on Pope Boniface’s 1298 compilation

known as the Sext)

Item Phillipus de Franchis super sexto (another commentary on

the work above).

Item Archdiaconus super sexto (a further commentary)

And Cardinal Zaberella’s commentary on Pope Clement’s


Item Pope Innocent’s commentary on the Decretals (the famous

Legal compilation by Pope Gregory IX issued in 1234).

The 5 books above cost Prior More 26s 8d

Item Filinus 2 volumes                                                                 15s

(it is not clear what this is, possibly Friar Felix’s book).

Item Fridericus.                                                                                14d

(this could be Fridericus II -Privileges of Clergy)

Item 1 book containing 3 counsels viz counsel on abbots,

counsel on Calerinus, counsel on Lodovicus.                            11s 3d


Item for spices viz. four loaves of sugar, saffron, almonds etc 36s 5½d

Item for two bonetts                                                                       5s   0d

Coverlets quilts:

Item for 6 coverlets                                                                    19s  0d

Item for 2  quilts                                                                         11s  8d

Item for 2 coverlets                                                                      9s 4d

Item for a horse bought at London                                                20s 0d

Item for a Nother horse bought at London                                   30s 0d

Item, for 2 boggetts bought                                                         2s  0d

Prior More's Journal shopping page

The entry where Prior More goes to London in his journal. Image reproduced by permission of the Dean and Chapter of Worcester Cathedral (U.K.)




A doodle from a Worcester Cathedral Library copy of Thomas Aquinas, but probably not Prior’s More’s copy. Image reproduced by permission of the Dean and Chapter of Worcester Cathedral (U.K.)


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