About the Library

There has been a library attached to Worcester Cathedral since Anglo-Saxon times. Having occupied several sites, the library has been housed in the loft over the south nave since the 19th Century. Today the library contains nearly 300 medieval manuscripts, around 55 incunabula, 5,500 post-medieval printed books and over 19,000 archival documents.

Particularly important objects held by the library include the Worcester Antiphoner – which is the only one of its kind to survive the reformation in the United Kingdom, a copy of the lavishly illustrated 15th Century Nuremberg Chronicle, and an edition of Breydenbach’s Peregrinatio in Terram Sanctam – published in 1486 and the first book to contain fold-out sections. The library also holds a number of King John relics, including his will, and a 1225 copy of Magna Carta.

The library welcomes visitors for tours, but owing to limited space these need to be made by appointment. Please see the Cathedral’s website at http://www.worcestercathedral.co.uk/Library.php for more information.

2 thoughts on “About the Library

  1. I would love to visit the Cathedral library sometine. My father and grandfather were both christened there and brotnher Vaughan was christened there and I was confirmed there from the AOS. My mother and her two sisters were at AOS too as was my suster, my daughter and niece. My grandfather and Dad were Herbert Nicholls (Chick) and my father Maxwell Nicholls. My father, and I worshipped at Malvern Priory where my son was in the choir. All four brothers were at Kings.


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