About the Blog

About the blog

Welcome to Worcester Cathedral Library and Archive’s new blog page. This re-launched blog aims to follow on from the success that we enjoyed with our old page at http://worcestercathedrallibrary.blogspot.co.uk , while presenting new material in a more accessible way. If you’re new to this site, then do please check out the link above, as there is a wealth of interesting content there!


About your bloggers

A team of volunteers works in Worcester Cathedral Library, assisting the Cathedral Librarian/Archivist. They are a group of people who work or have worked in a variety of fields and who share a delight in the Library and its many treasures. Some have a passion for a particular topic, others a more general interest.

This blog is an opportunity for volunteers to share in bite-sized posts  some of the Library’s treasures and sometimes their individual passions.

If you are in Worcester, you can visit the Library, by appointment, and see first hand some of the wonderful manuscripts and books. To see more details about the Library or to find out how to book a tour, visit http://www.worcestercathedral.co.uk/Library.

2 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. I have just found this site and was very interested to see the blog about the Worcester Cathedral Voluntary Choir which I believe my grandfather, William Ricketts, had connections with. Is there any other information about the choir?


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